Instructions for the Course Information Portal (ACORN)

How to Get Your Username and Password

Username - is your current Acadia network username
Password  - if you have never logged into this site, your password needs to be set up. Go to the following link

Get Password

Logging In and Introduction

Log in to a computer with web access.

  1. Go to Acadia Central and choose Course Info in the left menu under Admin Links.
  2. If this is the first time you have logged into the site, click on Login Help or Forgot Password? and follow the instructions at the Accounts@Acadia site.
  3. The first time you log in, you will be prompted to respond affirmatively to a notice concerning the expected use of the data.

Once logged in, you will see links in the left menu.

  1. Choose Course List to view all of the courses you teach.
  2. If you click on Email, on the right side, you can email your classlist. If the Registrar’s Office schedules your examination, it will appear in columns on the right of the page. If you click on the course name on the left (e.g. ECON1013A1), you will be taken to the class list.
The Class List
  • At the top of the class list is information about the class including how many are enrolled and when the grades are due.
  • When the system is available for grade entry, "Marks Input is now available for this course" appears in the last line of the header block.
  • Clicking on Download Class List will create an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Clicking on the student ID on the left will open an email window to email the student.
  • Clicking on View Details on the right will show basic information about the student.
  • Click More Student Information to get more academic information.
  • Students who have withdrawn from the course show at the bottom of the class list.
Entering Grades

The Registrar’s Office reminds you that grades are entered on the web! As long as you have a computer with access to the world-wide web, you can enter your grades. All grades must be received from the web. The Registrar’s Office does not produce grade sheets.

Click on "Marks Input is now available for this course" on the top of the classlist or on the Marks Input link once you’ve chosen a classlist. There are two ways to enter your grades:

Use the dropdown menu to select the appropriate letter grade beside the Student Number

If you have your grades in an Excel spreadsheet (optional)

    1. Open your Excel spreadsheet

Hide the columns between the student number and the final grade by clicking on the column letter and dragging across the columns to be hidden, then right-clicking and choosing Hide

  1. Select the student number and final grades data (select the data itself, rather than choosing the columns)
  2. Copy the data, either with right-click copy or holding down the Ctrl key and typing C
  3. Go back to the grade entry website for that course
  4. Paste the selection in the box below the Excel Posting line
  5. Click Populate from Excel

Once the grades are entered, click Save on the left side at the bottom of the classlist.

After the classlist is saved, the letter grades will appear under the Mark Column.

If you are confident that the grades are accurate, click on Post to Registrar. Who posted them and the date will appear in the Course Status box at the top of the screen. Once posted to the Registrar’s Office, you cannot change the grades.

If you have to make changes to an entire spreadsheet, or the grades have not yet been posted to the student system, please contact the Registrar’s Office to have the permission given back to you (if the marks had not yet been submitted to Eden).

If you have to make changes to a specific student, please submit the grade change by clicking on the grade on the class list after it has been posted by the Registrar's Office. Please use the grade change process to change grades.

The Registrar's Office no longer requires a signed copy of the Class Marks Confirmation. Your department may require it - please check with your department.

Students will be able to see grades only after they have been checked by the Registrar’s office and posted to the student information system.

Important Notes and Tips about Grades
  1. Faculty members have full autonomy to create rubrics and scoring metrics or to conduct assessment/analysis as they see fit to arrive at a single grade, including internal use of percentages, but the final grade is submitted will only be in letter format.
  2. If there are blank lines in the Excel Posting window, you will get a message that the entry was in an improper format. Please delete the blank lines.
  3. If a student does not have a legitimate compassionate reason for not having completed the course, award the student a 'F'. The Academic Calendar states "No credit is given for a course unless all requirements for it have been completed." (p.27) 'I' is no longer available.
  4. If a student has a legitimate compassionate reason for not having completed the course or you know the student is finishing (for example you have given an extension), enter an S. All S grades will be followed up by the Registrar's office and grades not converted within 30 days will be changed to an F.
  5. The Changed column will show a change of grade if the Registrar’s Office has received a grade change form between the time the classlist is posted to the Registrar’s Office and it’s posted to the student information system.
  6. Pass/fail courses accept a P, F or S.
  7. There is no comment field. The Registrar’s Office does not use the comment field to determine grade entry.
  8. Students not on the class list, who may have been in your class, must be submitted on grade change forms. If they are not on your classlist, they have not registered for the course.
  9. If your grades have not been submitted on-line to the Registrar's Office by their due date, you will receive an automated reminder. If you have made arrangements for them to be submitted later, please disregard the email.
If you have any questions or comments, please contact or


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