Academic Calendar and Annual Calendar Dates

Acadia’s academic calendar is your comprehensive reference to study at Acadia University. The academic calendar contains degree requirements and a list of the courses and programs offered at Acadia, as well as information on admission requirements, university regulations, important dates, and fees. Starting in 2010, the graduate and undergraduate calendars merged into one academic calendar.

Generally, the calendar published the year you began your degree at Acadia contains the regulations that apply to you.

Current Academic Calendar and Calendar Dates

2019-2020 Academic Calendar (pdf) (doc)

2020-2021 Academic Dates

Previous Academic Calendars

2018-2019 Academic Calendar (pdf) (doc)
2017-2018 Academic Calendar (pdf) (doc)
2016-2017 Academic Calendar (pdf) (doc)
2015-2016 Academic Calendar (pdf) (doc)
2014-2015 Academic Calendar

Course Catalog

If you are looking for course description from a previous academic calendar, please search our course catalog, selecting the appropriate year.

If you can't find the information you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us.