I have a question about my admission application. Whom do I ask?
All admission questions should be addressed to the Admissions office. The email is and their telephone number is 1-902-585-1016. The Registrar's Office does not address admission concerns.
I have just graduated from Acadia and want to return. Can I register?

Once you have graduated from Acadia, you are no longer considered a current student and must re-apply for Admission. APPLY TO ACADIA

Incoming Students

Can I arrive earlier than scheduled?

Residences will be open on your move-in day at 9:00 a.m. We ask that students arrive no earlier than their move-in day. More information on residences is available on the Residence Life site.

What is Welcome Week?

Welcome Week is a time for new students to learn about Acadia and the community, and get ready for the new experience of a university classroom. For more information, visit the Welcome Week site or e-mail

Where do I go for healthcare?

The on-campus Student Health Center is available at the west end of Dennis House. Information is available here.

How do I get a copy of the academic calendar?

You can access the calendar here.

Do I have an advisor?

Advisors are coordinated through your academic department. Contact information for advisors and departments is found here.

Why am I marked advised?

Continuing students need to see their department each year to be marked as Advised for registration, but all incoming students are automatically marked as Advised.You may or may not be pre-registered, depending on your program (many Science and Professional Studies programs pre-register students in their required courses). Advising is separate from registering. Although your records default to Advised, you still need to register, at least in your electives. You may find the Choosing First Year courses information helpful.

What if I need help choosing courses in my first year?

Detailed information on choosing first year courses, and recommended first year schedules can be found here. Please contact your department for academic advice.

What do I do if I'm sick and away from classes?


When required, you must complete a Declaration of Cause form and submit it to each of your course instructors.

In the case of missing a Final Examination, the procedures for "Setting and Conducting a Special Exam" (detailed under "Examinations" in our Academic Calendar) will be followed. The Declaration of Cause form and any relevant documents should be submitted to the Registrar's Office.

How do I get an ID card?

More information about Acadia University ID cards can be found here.

Where/When can I eat? Is there a dining hall?

Information about campus dining options can be found here.

Student Accounts and Financial Aid

Do you have financial questions?

The Student Accounts website includes information on payment methods, taxes, fees, and much more.

Questions concerning scholarships and bursaries can be found online at: or  sent to


Who can help me with registration?

Your academic department is the best place to obtain assistance with registration.

Incoming transfer students must contact their department to review approved credits and receive advice on course selection.

Contact information for departments is available here. Details about Academic Advising can be found here.

What are the calendar dates?

There are many important dates and deadlines through the year. Important dates are available in the Annual Calendar Dates section of this page. Important dates are also highlighted under Important Dates on the main page of the Registrar's Office website.

What is the deadline to add or drop a course?

The Annual Calendar Dates list all the deadlines for adding and dropping (withdrawing) courses.

Will dropping a course affect my funding?

Please review your funding letter(s) carefully before dropping any courses.

  • If you have any questions about scholarships, please contact the Scholarship and Financial Aid office, 902-585-1574 or
  • For questions about student loans, please contact Student Accounts at 902-585-1297 or
How do I choose an elective?

Elective courses count toward your degree but do not fulfill any particular degree requirement. Electives can be chosen from a subject or discipline that interests you and fits in your schedule.

How do I declare a minor?

All BA and BSc students must have a minor. A minor is a secondary area of concentration consisting of 12-24h credit hours, depending on the faculty and discipline. Students can declare a minor at any time but should do so before third year to ensure appropriate course selection and program plans. Please email to declare your minor.

How do I change my program of study?

If you want to change programs before you begin studies at Acadia, please contact the Admissions Office, or email

If you want to change programs after beginning studies at Acadia, you will need to meet with the department into which you want to change. If approved, the Registrar's office will be notified in writing and the change will be made.

How do I register at Acadia after I have been away?
Once you have been away from campus for over 12 months, you will need to re-apply online. When making your application, please include official transcripts of academic work as well as an updated resume.
What is a normal course load for Fall or Winter Term?
The normal course load for full-time undergraduate students in the fall/winter term is thirty credit hours (30h), or fifteen hours (15h) per term, although some programs require a higher normal course load (Applied Science and Music, for example). The course load for part-time undergraduate students in the fall/winter term is less than nine credit hours (9h) per term.
How do I register for extra courses (overload)?
If your sessional grade point average from your previous session (Fall/Winter) was 2.5 or greater, you will automatically be permitted to take 33 credit hours. If it was 3.0 or greater, your record will be set to allow 36 credit hours. First Year students may register in no more than 30h.
Please note that there are additional fees for overloading. Please see Tuition and Fees for more information.
The course I want is full or I don't meet the requirements. What do I do?
If the course is an elective, you are encouraged to choose another course. If it's a requirement for your program in your particular year, contact your department.
The course I'm trying to register for has an academic level restriction. I think I should be in that year.
Academic levels are based on completed credit hours. (During registration, they are based on the number of hours you would complete if you successfully completed the courses in which you are currently enrolled.) You may be going into your second year of study, but not have enough credit hours completed to be a second year student by academic level. The academic levels are 01 (0-24 hrs completed); 02 (25-54 hrs completed); 03 (55-84 hrs completed); 04 (85-114 hrs completed).
In the timetable, I can't see all the courses I think should be there.

When using the Advanced Search functions of the timetable, the days of the week are linked with an AND, rather than an OR. Choose as few days as possible to keep your search open. Otherwise, you will be trying to choose courses offered on a day AND another day.

My course does not show in Moodle, but I am registered. What do I do?
Instructors need to make courses "available to students" in Moodle. If you can’t see a particular course when you log into Moodle, your instructor probably has not made it available yet. If you still can’t see your course after it has been made available and you have logged out of and back into Moodle, please contact the Service Desk 902-585-HELP (4357) or submit a service request through
I have taken courses at another institution. Will I receive transfer credits?

The Acadia University Registrar's Office assesses official transcripts for transfer credits. Approved transfer credits from other institutions are transferred to your Acadia student record with a grade of P if successfully completed with a grade of C- or better. Assessments will be emailed to you.

I am an Acadia student and want to take a course at another university on a Letter of Permission. What do I do?

If you would like to take a course at another institution please complete this Letter of Permission Request Form. The Letter of Permission advises the host institution that you have been permitted to take a course from them. It also ensures that the course you are taking from the host institution will be accepted as a transfer credit to your program at Acadia.

You must have a zero balance or have made arrangements with Student Accounts before a Letter of Permission can be processed.



What do I need for a computer?

Acadia has a technology-rich environment. You will use your computer for coursework, assignments and research. The minimum requirements for a laptop are listed on Acadia's tech store.

My Records and Information

How do I get a Verification/Confirmation of Enrolment Letter?

Please submit a request at by logging on with your student account.

Third-party requests are not accepted. If the letter is for student loan purposes, please contact the Student Accounts office. Your VoE can be picked up in person, mailed, faxed, or emailed.

Can my parents pick up or order my transcript, Verification of Enrolment, or other documents?

Third parties cannot order transcripts, Verification of Enrolments, etc. You must order them. However, when ordering a Verification of Enrolment at, you can fill in the "Designate for pick up" space on your Hub request.

Confidential documents can also be picked up by a third party with a written permission submitted by you from your Acadia email address.

I want my parents to be able to access my information. How can I give permission for this?

The information that Acadia University collects during your time as a student is confidential and is not available beyond the campus community without your consent. If you wish to provide access to this information to others, complete the Release of Information Permission Form*. The form will be in effect from the date you indicate until you revoke it, or graduate from Acadia University.

* Your Acadia Network Account must be active.

When I check my record under My Links, my personalized information does not appear. I DID change my last name.

If we have on record that your last name has changed, your account has now been changed to reflect that new last name. For example, 012345a with a name change to Baker, should now log in as 012345b. You will have to go through Accounts@Acadia to reset your password.

Graduation and Convocation

Why do I have to apply to graduate?
You know your own academic career goals best, and we rely on you to let us know when you are planning to complete them, by applying to graduate. When you apply to graduate before the posted deadline, we can be notified that you would like us to assess your completed and current courses for your program and confirm whether you are eligible to graduate. This is done several times in your graduating year, in consultation between the Registrar's Office and your academic department.
Can I cross the stage without having my program complete?
You need to have successfully completed the requirements for your program, have your Student Account paid in full, and therefore be approved by the Academic Senate to graduate. You will not be permitted to walk across the stage if these criteria are not met. However, you can participate in other activities of convocation weekend.

If you do not meet the requirements for spring convocation, you may apply for fall graduation. There is no academic penalty or fee for requesting your application to be transferred to fall, but you have to inform the registrar's office of your intent.

As of October 2009, Acadia no longer offers Fall Convocation ceremonies. Students may graduate in the fall, and are invited to participate in the Spring Convocation ceremonies. Fall graduates have the option to pick up or have their parchments (degrees) mailed.

Can I receive my parchment (degree) before I graduate?
We cannot release your parchment (degree) before the graduation date. However, we can provide you with a letter from the confirming that you have completed all the requirements for your degree and when you will graduate. Please let us know if you require a letter and provide a current address or fax number to which we can send it.
If you will not be attending convocation, please confirm a mailing address to which we can send your parchment. Mail delivery times vary.
Can I request a copy of my child's parchment (degree)?
Parchments (degrees) may only be requested by the graduate. The graduate may designate you to pick up the parchment. 
Can you put my nickname on my parchment (degree)?
No, your parchment (degree) is an official document, we must print it with your official full name.
How can I get my parchment (degree) authorized for a job application?
The Registrar's office does not authorize or authenticate copies of your parchment (degree). We recommend you request a number of official transcripts to send with your applications. The Registrar's office can send an official letter, with our University stamp, to confirm the degree you received. You may also request a duplicate copy of your degree.
How do I get a copy of my parchment (degree)?

We do not provide copies of parchments. We do re-issue parchments but the original (unless lost) must be returned. Please submit your request using this form.

How do I get my parchment (degree) framed?

Information on ordering frames is found here.

How do I know if I will graduate?
The Spring Convocation list is normally posted the Wednesday afternoon prior to Convocation. It is posted on the Registrar's Office Website .
I'm not able to pick up my parchment (degree). Can someone else do it?
Please send an email to giving permission for someone else to pick up your parchment (degree) in your absence. This must be sent from your Acadia email address, or a recognized email address we already have on the system for you.

Picture ID  and a signature is required for release. 

My name is wrong on my parchment (degree). How do I get it changed?

If the Registrar's Office is at fault for the error, please return your parchment (degree) and we will provide you one with the correct information.

If you are requesting a new parchment because of a name change, please complete the Parchment (Degree) Re-Issue Form.

Where can I find out information about convocation?

More information about convocation can be found at

If you have any questions or require further information about Convocation please contact or call 902.585.1083.

Where can I get a convocation booklet?

Booklets are available from the Office of Advancement if you would like to pick one up. The same information can
be found on the convocation website at

I'm graduating in the fall. Can I attend the Spring Convocation? Do I have to re-apply?

Students who choose to graduate in October but wish to participate in a convocation ceremony will be invited to attend the following Spring Convocation where they will have the opportunity for public recognition of their accomplishment. Students graduating in the fall do not have to re-apply to attend Spring Convocation. Information about attending Spring Convocation will be sent to your email address early in the new year. 

How do I get my parchment (degree) if I'm not attending the Spring Convocation or if I am graduating in October?

Parchments are available in May the day after the Convocation ceremonies and in October, the day after the Senate approves the graduates at their October meeting for fall graduates.

Pick up by graduate - An ID and a signature is required at the time of pickup.

Pickup by third party - Permission must be granted in writing by the graduate for third party pickups. The name of the designate must be included; ID and signature are required at time of pickup. 

Parchments (degrees) are sent through regular mail at no charge unless you specify another method of delivery.

You can elect courier delivery for a fee. For this service a civic address and telephone number are required. Fees are based on the destination.

Examinations and Grades

Can I change my exam schedule?
We are unable to change your exam schedule unless you have an exam conflict, a medical excuse, or a death in the family. Supporting documents such as a medical note, obituary, etc will be required.
What is an exam conflict?

A conflict is three examinations in a row (morning, afternoon, evening OR afternoon, evening, morning OR evening, morning, afternoon) or two exams at the same time. Please inform the Registrar’s Office if you have a conflict in your exam schedule.

I have an S grade - what does that mean?

'S' grades are entered for courses in which, due to unavoidable circumstances (illness, death in family, etc.), you have incomplete course requirements. It is your responsibility to contact the instructor to make arrangements for completing the course requirements (special examinations, assignment extensions, etc.). Course requirements should normally be completed no later than the end of the month following final examinations (January and May). Grades not converted from 'S' by these dates will be marked as an 'F', and your academic status will be assessed based on these assigned grades.

I repeated a course. Does the old course remain on my transcript?
Duplicate courses are marked as such after each term. Once the course is marked as duplicate, it is no longer included in your grade point averages and the total of your completed credit hours. The duplicate course also appears on your transcript.
A notice is posted on the Registrar's Office website when the duplicates have been updated for a term.
I took a course over the summer. Will this get me off probation?

If you took a course in intersession that repeats a course taken in fall/winter, your current sessional grade point average (sgpa) for the fall/winter session will reflect that the course is marked as repeated. In marking the course repeated, it is no longer included in your grade point average, or your completed credit counts. But, academic status is awarded based on the sgpa achieved in the fall/winter term at the end of that term and remains until reviewed at the end of the next fall/winter term. If your sgpa at the end of fall/winter was such that your academic status was changed, that status remains until re-assessed at the end of the next fall/winter session.

I've checked my grades and there are some missing. What happens now?

Grades are entered as the Registrar's Office receives them. If they are missing, we have not yet received them from the instructor. Please check back later.

Will mid-term grades appear on my transcript?

Final grades appear on transcripts. Mid-year (December) grades appear for full year courses (those with a section ending in '0') if they were graded in December. The December grade for full year courses is replaced on your transcript when your final grade is available.

Will a dropped course appear on my transcript?

Please refer to the Academic Calendar Dates found on this page for specific withdrawal deadlines.

What do I need to know about writing examinations?

You need your Acadia ID card to access the arena to write exams. You will be allowed to swipe your Acadia ID card to pass through the turnstile as soon as you arrive at the arena. Also, bring your Acadia ID card to your examination room if it’s not in the arena. If you do not have your Acadia ID card you should see the Safety and Security Department, in the Student Union Building about a replacement.

You are not to leave the examination room during the first 30 minutes of the exam period. You will not be admitted to the examination room after the first 30 minutes

In a medical emergency, students needing to leave the examination room must notify a proctor before doing so. Make a note of where your examination book is to be handed in. No exam books are to be taken from the examination room.

Don't bring a lot of 'stuff' with you to the exam room. You must leave your bags inside the gym/arena or at the front of a classroom. Personal stereo devices (MP3 players), cellular phones, and pagers are not permitted in the examination room.

When I check my grades I see there is a course dropped for second term. Why?
Departments have requested that certain courses be checked to see if the pre-requisite was successfully completed in the fall term. If the course was not completed to meet the pre-requisite requirements, the winter term course is dropped from your schedule. This is done as grades are made available, then periodically after that, as grades are received.
If you feel you should be in a class, please contact the department in which the course is offered.

Study Abroad

I want to go on academic exchange. What do I do?

Information and application forms for the Study Abroad Exchange Program are found on the Study Abroad website.

Intersession and Online Courses

I am a full time student and want to register in online courses. Do I have to pay extra?

Yes. Courses taken through Open Acadia are not covered under full time tuition. Please contact Student Accounts @ for more information.


How many courses can I take in intersession?
A maximum of nine hours (9h) may be taken in each term of intersession, except in science courses with laboratories and graduate courses where the maximum is six hours (6h). Thus, a maximum of eighteen hours (18h) may be taken between the winter term and the subsequent fall term.