Departmental Procedures
At the beginning of each academic year heads of departments and directors of schools are to ensure that members of their staff understand the examination regulations currently in force, and jointly establish, with their staff, department or school, directives relating to student grading and evaluating procedures.

At the beginning of each course, you are required to indicate to students in each course, in writing, the work load for the course, together with the appropriate tentative dates and values of tests, term papers, quizzes, and other assignments, attendance requirements, and the value of final examinations.

No credit is given for a course until all requirements for the course have been completed.

Tests cannot be scheduled within the last ten days of classes, except for routine weekly or end-of-chapter tests or daily exercises necessary to the presentation of a course, laboratory tests, and oral examinations in the languages.

All term papers must be due to instructors no later than the last scheduled class.

Tests and/or examinations may not be held in the study days prior to either the fall or winter semester examination periods.