Academic Responsibility

[from Article 17 of the AUFA contract]

Employees are expected:

  • to inform students of the methods of instruction and evaluation in their courses at the beginning of each term and abide by Senate regulations in these matters. The Head or Director, as the case may be, shall be provided with copies of such information, within two weeks of the commencement of the course, including distance education courses.
  • to comply with all procedures and deadlines approved by the Senate concerning the reporting and reviewing of the grades of their students and such other formally approved and published procedures and deadlines as may be necessary for the well ordered operation of the teaching programs of the university which are agreed upon by the signatories to this Agreement.
  • to complete their duties as examiners within seven working days of each examination, unless prior arrangement is made with the department head and Registrar.
  • to be present during the academic year up to and including the last day of an examination period and up to and including the Spring Convocation, except with the written approval of the Head of their Department or the Director of their School.