Choosing First Year Courses

Choosing courses is the fun part of registering. You are required to take certain courses for your program, but you can also choose electives to achieve your total required course count. Electives can be in any subject. This is your chance to choose a variety of topics from Natural Disasters to Politics of Water to History of Rock Music. You will be required to take at least some of your electives outside your discipline or even faculty. Have fun. You never know when you might discover a new love!

Try to choose your courses to allow yourself a balance through the week. Science courses often have labs, which will take up a fair amount of time in your schedule. Arts courses may require a fair bit of reading or writing. We recommend a schedule that allows you to take a reasonable break (ie. for lunch).

You may be pre-registered by your department for some courses. The following links should help you when you self-register for courses.