Welcome to the Registrar's Office

The Registrar’s Office supports teaching and learning at Acadia by maintaining the integrity of academic policies and student records. We help with many academic and non-academic questions – registration, degree audits, prerequisites, verification of enrolment, transfer credits, important dates, examinations, academic regulations, and more.

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Register now for Intersession (Spring and Summer) on-campus courses

Current Acadia Students - register for courses through Acadia Central.

New Students - apply for admission and register for courses through the Open Acadia Admission and Registration Form. For a complete list of courses please see Open Acadia's Full Course Listing.

Final April Exam Schedule

The final version of April exam schedule is now available on Acadia Central.

T2202s Temporarily Unavailable

Access to T2202 taxation documents is currently suspended while we prepare the 2015 taxation receipts.  Notification will be sent by email when the receipts are available for download through Acadia Central.