Spring and Summer Registration

Coming Soon!

Spring and Summer course registrations opens on February 5, 2018. The tentative timetable will be available in December 2017.

Prospective students can view spring and summer timetable starting December 2017. Registration will open on February 5, 2017.

  • To see the list of courses for a particular department select the appropriate 'Faculty' and 'Department' from the  menu.
  • To see all courses for a particular faculty, select the faculty from the pull down menu, and 'All" from the Department menu.

Admission and Registration

Current Students

To register for spring and summer courses, starting February 1,

1. Go to OA Registration 

2. Login (top right).

3. Choose the Spring and Summer Registration term (available February 1). You should see INFORMATION, TIMETABLE, BACKPACK, SCHEDULE across the top of the screen. Select your courses using the TIMETABLE link. Click ADD to put the course in your backpack.

4. Confirm your courses using the BACKPACK link. You select the courses you wish to be registered for a(checkbox) and click the REGISTER button.

Please note that you are not registered until payment has been made.

*If you are interested in an online course, choose the registration term "Distance/Online" courses.

New Students


If you have never applied to Acadia, or if you have not taken a course in the last 12 months, you must apply by completing Acadia's Application Form*.

  • The application fee is $40.
  • You will register as a Part-time, Independent student.
  • If you plan to take a course with us and transfer it back to your degree program at another institution, please provide a letter of permission from your home institution.
  • If the course you intend to take has a prerequisite, please provide an official transcript of your previous studies to confirm you have met the prerequisite.

*If you are a new student, and are interested in an online course, you must apply using this form.

Registering (opens February 1)

Once you recieve notification that your application has been processed,

1. Go to Open Acadia Registration 

2. Login (top right).

3. Choose the Spring and Summer Registration term. You should see INFORMATION, TIMETABLE, BACKPACK, SCHEDULE across the top of the screen. Select your courses using the TIMETABLE link. Click ADD to put the course in your backpack.

4. Confirm your courses using the BACKPACK link. You select the courses you wish to be registered for a(checkbox) and click the REGISTER button.

Please note that you are not registered until payment has been made.

  • For more information on how to use Acadia's Timetable and what our course codes mean, see this visual guide.
Admission and Registration Deadlines
Semester  Course dates  Admission deadline  Registration deadline* 
Spring 1  May 8– May 26 April 7 April 21
Spring 2  May 29 – June 16 May 1 May 12
Summer 1  June 19– July 7 May 29 June 2
Summer 2 

July 10 – July 29nbsp] 

June 5

June 23

 *REGISTER EARLY! Courses can be cancelled due to insufficient enrolments. Decisions about cancellation will be made on the Registration deadline date. You will be notified by email if a course is cancelled.

Online courses      Open-entry Full-time Acadia students should register by May 31 to finish before classes resume in September.
Withdrawal Deadlines and Academic Consequences

Withdrawal Fees

Withdrawal fee per lecture day is 10%.

Academic Consequences


No Recorded Drop

Withdrawal (W)

Fail (F)

Spring 1

May 8-10

May 11-17

May 18-26

Spring 2

May 29-31

June 1-7

June 8-16


May 8-15

May 16-29

May 30-June 16

Summer 1

June 19-21

June 22-28

June 29-July 7

Summer 2

July 10-12

July 13-19

July 20-28


June 19-26

June 27-July 10

July 11-28


Important Links (Library, Bookstore & Accommodations)
Computer and Technical Requirements

Laptop Computer

The use of a laptop computer continues to be an integral part of an Acadia University education. You will be required to provide your own laptop. A very limited supply of rentals may be available.

Help Desk support will be available to all students: it will be provided on a best case basis for any machines not on the approved models list. The service desk can assist with key services such as printing, connecting to the wired and wireless networks, access to network academic software and email access.

A list of approved models can be found at the Acadia Tech Store.

Getting Connected

Download this document for instructions on getting connected to Acadia's network.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Intersession at Acadia?
Starting in May and running through July, Acadia University offers a selection of accelerated courses - 3 and 6 weeks in duration. The classes normally run Monday to Friday in 3 hour timeslots starting at 9 AM and 1 PM. These courses have the same academic standing as those offered in regular semesters. Intersession can be used interchangeably with Spring and Summer at Acadia.

When does Intersession begin?
The first term begins in May. Each intersession term is 3 weeks

Why do people take Intersession courses?
Acadia offers Spring and Summer courses because they provide valuable options for our students. Students choose these courses to reduce Fall/Winter course load, pick up a missing required course, catch up on courses after switching majors, and for a variety of other reasons.

How are Intersession courses different?
Although the way a course is taught and its syllabus will vary by instructor, an intersession course will be very similar in content to the same course offered in fall or winter. The courses will offer different pacing, but the same quality instruction and curriculum.

How do I register for a course?
Registration is easy. If you are a current Acadia University student you can register through Acadia Central. If you are a new student or haven’t taken a course within the last 12 months, please complete Acadia's application form.

How many courses can I take during Intersession?
A maximum of nine hours (9h) may be taken in each part of intersession, except in science courses with laboratories and graduate courses where the maximum is six hours (6h). Thus, a maximum of eighteen hours (18h) may be taken between the winter term and the subsequent fall term.

Can I use an Acadia Intersession course towards my degree at another school?
In order to transfer a credit to your home university, you will have to fill out a letter of permission request form at your home university’s registrar’s office. Once approved, your letter of permission is your guarantee that your university will count your Acadia University course towards your degree. A copy of your Letter of Permission must be sent to Acadia to ensure that your mark is returned to your home institution.

The course indicates a prerequisite is required. Do you require my transcript?
Transcripts are required as proof of a prerequisite. Special permission may be granted by the instructor.

I can’t pay right now but I want to ensure I have a seat. What can I do?
You can put a course in your backpack but payment is required by the Registration Deadline. Courses with insufficient paid registrations will be cancelled. Please be sure to meet this deadline to avoid disappointment.

Can I take courses on a student loan?
You should discuss this with both your provincial student loans office and Acadia University’s Student Accounts Office.

Can I live on campus during Intersession?
To make arrangements for accommodations on campus during Intersession please contact Residence Life.

Will I receive a refund if I withdraw?
Beginning on the first day of your campus (face to face) course, you will be charged 10% of the registration fee per lecture day for three credit-hour courses. A lecture day is 3 scheduled hours of classes.

How do I get my textbooks?
We suggest ordering your books early for intersession courses. If a professor has placed an order with the bookstore, you can order online at www.acadia.bkstr.com . Choose your term and course and then it will show the books you need. DO NOT SEARCH BY TITLE ETC. Books may be in stock or may be back ordered but you can still order in that case and you order will be filled when the books arrive. You  may on occasion see the books but it says special order. This happens when the course is quite far away or we run out of stock. If you are within 3 weeks of the course and see this contact us. If not, just check back. For questions about this, contact Cathy Morine-Collins at 0921txt@follett.com or 902 585 1483.